How does the Bluebook Online differ from the book in print?

The Bluebook Online contains all the contents of The Bluebook in print, but in an online format. Access for all users is via username and password and requires an internet connection.

Please note that the Bluebook Online is not an e-book and pages cannot be printed or downloaded from it. It also does not provide page numbers that correspond to the book in print.

With a subscription to The Bluebook Online, users may pin pages for repeat reference. Users may also utilize a quick and easy search tool to instantly locate results. The search-as-you-type functionality helps maximize efficiency, and you may preview rules to help you find the exact rule you need.

In addition, the Bluebook Online content is current; any changes made to the book will be reflected online. New editions are released in print and online every five years. If you have a current subscription when a new edition is released, you will have immediate access to the contents of the new edition at no additional cost.

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