What are Team subscriptions?

Team subscriptions are group subscriptions that are designed for law reviews, law schools, academic libraries, small firms, and boutiques. They start at a minimum of 5 users. Each seat within a Team must be occupied by an individual with a username (i.e., an individual's email address) and password. Each user within a Team represents a person, not a group of users. Sharing usernames and passwords is not allowed under the Bluebook Terms of Use.

Team subscriptions provide an administrator account that allows you to create, remove, and generally manage members under your organization throughout your subscription term. When a user in a Team no longer needs access, you may remove the user and replace them with someone else. You may have multiple group administrators to help manage your Team. Group administrators do not need to count as users in the Team unless they need access to the Bluebook Online.

Team subscriptions cost $29 per user, starting at a minimum of 5 users ($145). If you realize you need to add more users during your subscription, you are able to purchase more users on the website, and the cost will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in your subscription. However, please note that you cannot remove users from your subscription for a refund.

Your group administrator may invite users to join your Team. Each user must create a password to activate their account.

If you would like help adding a list of 20 or more users to your Team, please contact us at orders@legalbluebook.com.

To place your order and start a Team subscription, please visit our website at https://www.legalbluebook.com/pricing.

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